Egypt: Temples of Abydos - paulsmit
[EGYPT 29890]
’Offerings near Amun barque at Abydos.’

	The Chapel of Amun in the Seti Temple in Abydos at one time probably housed a sacred portable barque of Amun. The sacred barque would have been used to carry a portable statue of the deity around the temple during festival processions, in imitation of the gods who were believed to cross the sky on their magical boats.
The chapel, which is located directly west of the Second Hypostyle Hall, is decorated with detailed images of the sacred barque. Here we are looking at a relief detail on the north wall of the chapel. It shows several offerings which have been placed on and beside a table near the barque. Kneeling on the table is a statuette of a pharaoh that presents a vessel in which a conical bread has been placed. 
The temple  was begun by Seti I and completed by his son Ramses II in the 13th century BC. Photo Paul Smit.