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[TURKEY.CENTRAL 27001 'Firaktin Relief'

	Near the village of Gümüsören, east of Develi, the Hittite Firaktin relief is carved into a rocky outcrop on the bank of Yenice-irmak river. The relief, dating to the 13th century BC, shows queen Puduhepa (far right) pouring a libation (liquid offering) to a goddess who is sitting on the other side of an altar that is standing between them. Left of this seated figure stands king Hattusili III, who is also pouring a libation to a god (far left), that can be identified as the Storm God. This is the only known representation of Hattusili III, the Hittite king who earned his place in history for signing the first international peace treaty ever (with the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses the Great), the text of which was found in the Hittite capital Hattusha. Photo Mick Palarczyk.