Turkey: Ancient Cultures of Eastern Anatolia - paulsmit
'Hercules and Zeus on Nemrud Dag-2.'

	On top of Mount Nemrud, east of Adiyaman, king Antiochus I (ca. 62 -32 BC) of Commagene built for himself a huge tumulus flanked by rows of giant statues. Commagene was a small independent kingdom squeezed between the Roman Empire and the Parthian (Persian) kingdom. The statues are syncretic deities that represent a fusion of ancient (Zoroastrian) Persian and Greek/Roman gods. Here we see, in the foreground Hercules/Artagnes and to the right Zeus/Ahuramazda. The heads have toppled from statues that occupy a terrace on the west side of the tumulus, which can be seen looming behind. Photo Mick Palarczyk.