France: Haute Maurienne - paulsmit
'Entombment of Jesus.’

Not only do the frescoes in the Chapelle Saint Sébastien in Lanslevillard reach an astonishing high artistic level, the colours have kept their original saturation as well. This most important work of art in the Haute Maurienne has been painted at the end of the 15th century by artists from Piemonte (now in Italy but then in the same country: Savoy). Its location may seem unexpected: a small village deep in the Alps. But the chapel is situated right at the start of the pass road over the Col du Mont Cenis, in those days one of the main connections between France and Italy.

In the fresco two men are present at the entombment of Christ: Joseph of Arimathea at left and Nicodemus at right. Probably it is Jesus' mother Mary who holds his hand. Mary Magdalene is the only woman with her hair completely uncovered. Photo Paul Smit.